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Cultural Teachings & Ceremonies are scheduled throughout the year as public events.

Personal requests will be considered on a case by case basis and will depend on

Elder/Spiritual Caregiver/Knowledge Keeper/Facilitator availability. 

To see upcoming teachings, ceremonies or other events please visit the Anish Corporation Facebook page by clicking the Facebook link below.

(Clicking on link will open a new window)

The following is a list of teachings & ceremonies that we have hosted in the past

at Cedar Lake Ranch.

To request personal/private teachings or ceremonies please contact our office.

  • Facebook
  • Sharing Circle - Various Topics

  • Pipe Ceremony - Upon Request

  • Men's Sweat Lodge Ceremony (Including those who identify as male or are most comfortable attending a men's lodge)

  • Women's Sweat Lodge Ceremony (Including those who identify as female or are most comfortable attending a women's lodge)

  • Combined Sweat Lodge Ceremony (Open to all)

  • Children's Gentle Sweat Lodge Ceremony

  • Full Moon Ceremony

  • Sacred Life Teachings - Traditional Roles & Responsibilities, Rites of Passage, Tipi Teaching, Life Star Teaching

  • Water & Fire Teachings

  • Forgiveness & Letting Go Sweat Lodge Ceremony

  • Traditional Doctoring

  • Circle of Life Teachings

  • Creation Stories

  • Women's Teachings & Sweat Lodge Ceremony

  • Traditional Medicine Teachings

  • Fasting Camp

  • Ribbon Skirt/Shirt Making

  • Rattle Making & Teaching

  • Hand Drum Making & Teaching

  • Wiping Away of Tears Ceremony

  • Naming, Colors & Clan Ceremony

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